We offer help for new authors who want to get their books out, while retaining full creative control over their content. We work closely with our authors, a relationship built on guidance and mentoring. We offer assistance in all stages of moving from manuscript to book – from writing and editing, through book production and publication to ongoing marketing.

We will not dictate to you any plot changes (though we’ll point out where things should be improved). We will not dictate what cover to use (though you’ll have to use our artists). We will not abandon you as soon as the next project is due. We believe in building a long lasting relationship, based in mutual respect and trust. We offer expert advice and assistance, to complement your strengths and make sure your novels are the best they could be.

Rather than keep an in-house team, we work with dedicated professionals, experts in their fields. Our usual suspects are:

Assaph Mehr

Publisher: Assaph Mehr

Assaph is an experienced author, designer, and marketer. Acutely aware of the needs and challenges of indie authors, Assaph combines his life-long love of books with his design and marketing skills, to ensure books are produced to the highest standards, and hit the market with a long-term marketing strategy.

Assaph is very active on his author site here

Nikki B. Williams

Editor: Nikki B. Williams

Nikki is a bestselling author, a fervent writer of fact, fantasy, and the realms between, with 30 years experience in publishing. Nikki provides excellent editing services at all levels. We have used her services on several projects, and were impressed with her attention to detail, responsiveness, and ability to retain the authors’ unique voices.

Visit her site here


Ellie Bockert Augsburger

Cover Designer: Ellie Bockert Augsburger

Ellie is the Creative Manager of Creative Digital Studios. Ellie works closely with our authors to understand their vision and create gorgeous covers that pop off the shelf.

Check out her work here


Please note that we are currently closed for submissions, and cannot take on new authors. However feel free to contact us should you have any questions, or contact our freelance team members directly for their services.