YES!!! (Wherein I explain how to read reviews)

An important message to all indie authors (and readers) about how to read reviews.


First, a big WOOHOO!! I’ve just got another 1-star review on Amazon! Yippee!

No, I’m not crazy, I know how the star system works. This particular verified purchase review says:

One Star
do not recall this book and I cannot give a fair critic [sic] of it.

So, basically, someone bought my book, maybe read it, can’t remember it, and gave it a one-star review because they can’t remember if they read it.

Seriously, if the intent was to troll me — don’t they realise that ANY review is a good one? If people are buying the books and leaving review, the book is active. It’s churning interest. As long as they spell my name correctly, right? And this one is even more hilarious than the previous one-star review.

I’d like to use this opportunity as a segue into a discussion about how to read reviews. This is meant for…

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