Cover Reveal: Eric Klein’s ‘The One’

We are proud to announce the cover reveal to Eric Klein‘s debut sci-fi novel The One!

Over the past few months we have been working diligently with Eric on story development. We then arranged for the amazingly talented PT team to take his work up to professional standards, with editing by Mary Jeddore “Jae” Blankney and an impressively slick new cover by Ellie Bockert Augsburger. We are now working on his final book layout – a complex task as befitting the story, but which keeps our publisher’s detail-frenzied OCD happy.

As for the story, Eric is a life long reader of Sci Fi and Fantasy, and his debut novel is done is the style of golden-age science fiction, mixed in with the very latest scientific research. The result is a near-future, hard sci-fi tale of solar-system intrigue. This adventure takes place 150 years from now, and looks at how the human race could realistically spread to near by planets and moons. While our intrepid protagonist gallivants (or, rather, cruises) along and tries to make sense of seemingly unconnected “accidents”, we are treated to something very rare this days – an optimistic look at how humanity can rise to its best potential.

You can find more details – and maybe even snag an advance copy – at the cover reveal party: No Longer a Groundhog –

The party is on Friday, Feb 2nd at noon US Eastern time. If you grew up on science fiction, we can’t recommend this enough!

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